What's HeartModelA.I.? Watch the webinar by Dr. Ivan Salgo

Webinar by Dr. Ivan Salgo

“In the digital age that we live in, precision, accuracy, granularity is important. And clinical medicine is more challenging than ever. …So we really have to do a good job converting data into information. And that’s what HeartModel does!”


Dr. Ivan Salgo

Quantification of the Left Atrium with HeartModelA.I. by

Dr. Wendy Tsang

In this webinar Dr. Tsang explains the importance of getting left atrial measurements as a predictor of cardiovascular events. Watch the webinar for an in-depth presentation of the advantages of leveraging HeartModelA.I. for acquiring LA and LV measurements.


Dr Wendy Tsang

Cardiologist, Assistant Professor Toronto

General Hospital, University of Toronto

Role of 3DE LA Volumes

Anatomically intelligent cardiac ultrasound


The cardiac 3D quantification of HeartModelA.I. is the next step in Philips Anatomical Intelligence in ultrasound. AIUS uses advanced organ modeling, image slicing, and proven quantification to help make ultrasound exams easier to perform and more reproducible while delivering new levels of clinical information to meet the economic and clinical challenges of today’s healthcare environment.

3D Echocardiography with Philips HeartModel

Heart ultrasound made for greater insight
Discover the latest technology and use of Anatomical Intelligence (A.I.) in the field of cardiovascular (or cardiac) ultrasound through Philips HeartModel 3D capabilities, which allows for cardiac 3D chamber quantifications, driven by advanced automation. Here you can find the most updated information on Philips EPIQ machines, HeartModel, as well as insights into this technology's practical application and the benefits this tool will add to your every-day cardiovascular ultrasound workflow.

3D Echocardiography with Dynamic HeartModelA.I.(Anatomical Intelligence)

Dynamic Heart Model

Evolving from Philips HeartModelA.I., Dynamic HeartModelA.I. provides more critical capabilities in addition to LV and LA volumes to expand your clinical use and increase diagnostic confidence through 3D echocardiography technology.


The Dynamic HeartModelA.I. tracks every frame over the cardiac cycle using 3D speckle technology. The moving contours of LA and LV borders and waveforms, additional LV, LA indexes and LV mass measurements provide a holistic view of the left heart function. The LV wall motion and the linkage between the LV and LA volume change over the heart cycle in order to increase your diagnostic confidence. In addition, the multi-beat selection and results average make the heart function evaluation more reliable than single beat, being ideal for arrhythmia or atrial fibrillation patients.

HeartModelA.I. for echocardiography explained

HeartModelᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅ for echocardiography

Boost your confidence in cardiac quantification during everyday

workflows with HeartModelA.I.. This intuitive and validated 3D tool

provides robust, reproducible ejection fraction (EF) in just seconds.


What’s more, HeartModelA.I. is the only validated tool to provide

simultaneous LV and LA volumes. It helps you easily characterize LA

volume – shown to be an indicator of cardiovascular outcomes – to

yield additional clinical information with no extra time or steps.

Case study: Philips HeartModelA.I gives you critical information in seconds

This study compared quantification between 2D and Live 3D HeartModelᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅ and demonstrated a 82 % time savings for HeartModelᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅ when using the automated capability, and 63% time savings when minor edits were required.
aius study results

Fulfill the need for right heart quantification with 3D Auto RV*


3D Auto RV* quantification application, a powerful combination of Philips and TOMTEC innovations with advanced automation, allows easy and robust 3D right ventricle volumes and ejection fraction measurements in everyday practice. The unique Auto Segmentation makes it easy to do this in as little as 15 seconds**


*Not Available for sale in U.S.A.

**Based on internal testing

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Talk to an expert to learn how Dynamic HeartModelA.I. and 3D Auto RV* on Philips EPIQ systems can help you simplify the complex and time consuming practive of 3D transthoracic echocardiography


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