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Philips Circular Edition systems

Rethink 'new'

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    The Philips Circular Edition portfolio offers high-quality refurbished medical imaging systems at attractive prices. Circular Edition systems are on average 25% lower in price¹ compared to similar new Philips systems, without compromising on quality and performance. With the same warranty, support and training as new Philips systems, as well as a reduced carbon footprint, they are sustainable solutions that are as good as new.

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    More value for money

    Circular Edition systems offer high quality and performance at an affordable price. On average you save 25% compared to similar new Philips systems1, giving you premium clinical capabilities at an accessible price point. And with access to all available hardware and software upgrades for the specific model, your system stays up to date. With increasing pressure on healthcare spending, Circular Edition systems are a cost-effective solution that offers a better return on investment.

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    As good as new

    Every Circular Edition system undergoes a rigorous and high-standard OEM refurbishment process, where any obsolete or defective parts are replaced with original Philips components. Systems are cosmetically refurbished to look brand-new, and full system testing ensures that performance and image quality are as good as new. The systems are custom-configurable and come with the latest available software to meet your facility’s needs. All that with the same warranty, support and training as new Philips systems.

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    A sustainable solution

    With over 30 years of refurbishment experience, we know how to re-use resources effectively. Our refurbishment process re-uses 79% of average material weight², which reduces the need for virgin materials, giving Circular Edition systems a lower carbon footprint than new ones. Offering high-quality and sustainable medical imaging equipment at affordable prices, our Circular Edition portfolio can help you drive positive change for your facility while reducing the impact on the environment.

    A comprehensive portfolio to meet your needs

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    Circular Edition systems
    - Mobile C-arm systems

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    Circular Edition systems
    - Ultrasound

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    Circular Edition systems
    - Magnetic resonance

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    Circular Edition systems
    - Image-guided therapy

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    Circular Edition systems
    - Computed Tomography

    Circular processes in seven steps

    Philips' refurbishment process

    Only Philips systems that meet our specific requirements are considered for refurbishment. Every Philips Circular Edition system undergoes our rigorous seven-step OEM refurbishment process, after which they look like new and perform to the same high quality standards as new Philips systems. Our OEM expertise helps minimize downtime during installation, and our Circular Edition systems come with the same warranty, support and training as new Philips systems.

    Learn more about our seven-step OEM refurbishment processes: 

    Circular processes in seven steps
    Value for money

    Circularity – a driver of sustainable healthcare

    For people to be truly healthy, they need a healthy world to live in. As a global leader in health technology, Philips is committed to reducing healthcare's environmental impact.

    Our ambition is to help our healthcare customers ‘do more with less’. We do this by applying our circularity principles – Use less, use longer, use again – across the value chain. Circularity can drive a lower material footprint per patient, creating the opportunity for health systems to reduce costs, emissions and waste.

    Philips Trade-In


    When you are ready to replace your Philips system, request a trade-in offer with Philips to ensure responsible end-of-use management.

    We take back used Philips systems at attractive trade-in values, and our OEM expertise provides hassle-free de-installation and minimum downtime, so you can get back to treating patients as soon as possible.

    Through our Close the Loop program we make sure that equipment returned to us is made available for refurbishment and/or parts recovery, or locally recycled in a certified way to ensure it does not end up in landfill.

    Limited availability, not available in all countries. Please contact your local Philips representatives for further details.

     Average cost savings compared to the purchase price of a similar new Philips system. Pricing depends on modality, product type, configuration, and other factors.

    2. Based on the average weight re-use percentage per system for Philips MR, CT, Mobile C-arm & Image-guided therapy refurbished systems in 2023. Results may vary based on the amount, type, mix and age of returned systems. ​

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