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KODEX-EPD cardiac imaging and mapping system

    Imaging beyond the catheter

    A new approach to cardiac imaging

    See the KODEX-EPD system in action

    The KODEX-EPD system is a completely new approach to cardiac imaging and mapping that has been developed to address key unmet needs in electrophysiology (EP) procedures today. It is an open system that works with any validated EP catheter. KODEX-EPD uses dielectric imaging technology to visualize highly detailed cardiac anatomy in real-time and helps physicians identify anatomical variations. As a result, KODEX-EPD has the potential to greatly simplify navigation and support personalized ablation planning and delivery, with less dependency on fluoroscopy and contrast media.


    Discover how KODEX-EPD can enhance your procedural efficiency and patient care.

    Marlou Janssen - Business Leader Philips EPD Solutions
    We are proud to announce the commercial availability of our newest KODEX-EPD system, with dedicated functionality to support cryoablation procedures. Today, this technology is simplifying navigation, and in the future, it has potential for a wide range of applications, including addressing the key unmet need of real-time therapy assessment – one of the more significant limitations of the current standard of care."

    Marlou Janssen

    Business Leader Philips EPD Solutions

    See how the KODEX-EPD system work
    KODEX-EPD: Introducing dielectric sensing

    See true anatomy without contact or radiation

    The KODEX-EPD system provides real-time high-definition imaging that visualizes true anatomy in real-time during EP procedures, with 3D and panoramic views. No ionizing radiation, contrast medium or contact with the endocardium is required with this technique, and the resulting images show variations in cardiac anatomy – including accessory veins – that might otherwise be missed using conventional mapping systems.


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    Personalize therapy
    Image courtesy: Prof. K-H Kuck and Dr. T. Maurer, Asklepios Klinik St. Georg, Hamburg - Germany

    Personalize therapy based on intraprocedural insights


    KODEX-EPD visualizes patient-specific anatomical details with excellent clarity to allow personalized therapy planning and delivery. The system provides accurate navigation using any standard validated catheter. In parallel, it creates continuously updated voltage and activation maps to support efficient collection of additional insights and confirm therapy impact.


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    Simplify your workflow

    Image courtesy Prof. Ng, A., Glenfield Hospital,

    Leicester – UK

    Simplify your workflow for more efficient procedures

    KODEX-EPD promotes predictable and streamlined ablation procedures supported by efficient imaging workflow. Every aspect of the system is designed to save you time during EP procedures. You get detailed 3D anatomy in as little as 3 minutes. The system is easy to set up and offers a streamlined workflow with very little need to correct for physiological distortions or patient movement, compared to magnetic or impedance-based systems.


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    Optimize your quality of care
    Image courtesy: Dr. Dekker, Catharinaziekenhuis, Eindhoven - Netherlands

    Optimize your quality of care

    KODEX-EPD offers many ways to support you in optimizing the quality of care for your patients. It is an open platform, so you can choose your preferred ablation method and use any validated EP catheter. Dielectric imaging does not use ionizing radiation and may reduce the need for pre-procedural CT/MRI images. Moreover, the KODEX-EPD system with Occlusion feature provides an indication of pulmonary vein occlusion without X-ray or contrast, by detecting changes in blood flow with the Medtronic Achieve™ Mapping Catheter. *


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    * While using KODEX-EPD occlusion functionality, always refer to the applicable cryoballoon technical manual, published literature, and exercise your physician discretion to guide confirmation of pulmonary vein occlusion.

    See more with KODEX-EPD Imaging 1.
    Treat more with the Medtronic Cryoballoon2-6.

    Philips EPD Solutions and Medtronic have engaged in a collaboration to further advance the image-guided treatment of atrial fibrillation. This collaboration is designed to offer new value to Electrophysiologists performing cryoablation procedures.


    • Enhanced insight: The KODEX-EPD system supports Medtronic Cryoballoon procedures by visualizing highly detailed cardiac anatomy in real-time with 3D and panoramic views, enabling you to navigate the Achieve™ Mapping Catheter in an intuitive way.

    • Tailored approach: Harness the KODEX-EPD imaging, mapping and navigation capabilities1,7,8 with the Medtronic Cryoballoon dosing strategies2-6 to tailor your ablation approach.

    • Efficient workflows: Pairing the short procedure times3,5,6 of the Medtronic Cryoballoon system7, with the real-time imaging capabilities1 of the KODEX-EPD system, may create an opportunity for additional workflow efficiencies.

    • Minimal fluoroscopy: Fluoroless imaging with the KODEX-EPD system may reduce the dependency on angiography and pre-procedural CTs to visualize patient anatomy and guide the Achieve™ Mapping Catheter in cryoballoon procedures.1
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    In partnership with Medtronic

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    Optimize your quality of care
    Not available for sale within the United States. Available for sale in the CE mark countries within EU. Please contact EPD Solutions for list of countries.

    KODEX-EPD RF Ablation System

    Towards an open-platform solution for RF ablation

    The KODEX-EPD RF Ablation System* is an open platform system which allows physicians to choose a wide range of therapeutic catheters**. Based on the market-leading platform from Stockert, the KODEX-EPD Ablation System is designed for streamlined operation. It is a fully integrated open-platform system comprising of Generator, Irrigation Pump, Remote Control and Foot Pedal. 

    * KODEX-EPD RF Ablation System is manufactured by Stockert GmbH, Boetzinger Str. 72, 79111, Freiburg, Germany.

    ** For a list of compatible devices and catheters, please contact EPD Solutions. Devices and catheters that are not listed as compatible should not be connected to the KODEX-EPD RF Ablation System. For more information about this product, please contact your EPD Solutions representative.

    Optimize your quality of care

    KODEX-EPD imaging for cryoballoon ablation

    The KODEX-EPD system delivers high-resolution imaging of cardiac anatomy and visualizes the Medtronic Achieve™ Mapping Catheter, making it well suited to guide cryoballoon ablation procedures. Watch this interview video with Dr. Metzner and Dr. Rillig at UKE Hamburg, to learn more about the benefits of KODEX-EPD for cryoablation.
    See how the KODEX-EPD system work

    Live Symposium recordings, IDSS Feb 26, 2020, Tel Aviv.


    Chaired by Prof. Glikson and Dr. Chinitz.


    Watch the sessions of Prof. Shlomo Ben-Haim, Dr. Tilman Maurer, Dr. Andreas Rillig and Dr. Larry Chinitz discussing their experiences using KODEX-EPD technology for EP ablation procedures.

    View here>

    Voice of the experts

    Live Symposium recordings, IDSS Feb 26, 2020, Tel Aviv.


    Chaired by Prof. Glikson and Dr. Chinitz.


    Watch the sessions of Prof. Shlomo Ben-Haim, Dr. Tilman Maurer, Dr. Andreas Rillig and Dr. Larry Chinitz discussing their experiences using KODEX-EPD technology for EP ablation procedures.

    Dielectric imaging technology

    Prof. Shlomo Ben-Haim: Dielectric Imaging technology and its clinical applications

    Prof. Shlomo Ben-Haim, founder of KODEX-EPD system, sheds light on the fundamentals of dielectric sensing, its current application in real time 3D high-definition imaging and future outlook.

    Clinical Application of Dielectric

    Dr. Andreas Rillig: Clinical application of Dielectric Imaging for Cryoballoon ablation

    Dr. Rillig discusses accuracy of KODEX-EPD 3D imaging and using KODEX-EPD occlusion feature for cryoballoon ablation with less dependency on x-ray and contract media.

    Introduction to KODEX-EPD system

    Dr. Tilman Maurer: Introduction to the KODEX-EPD System, initial experience and ongoing trials

    Dr. Maurer presents data his center published on KODEX-EPD in JACC 2019 and clinical benefits.

    EPD technology

    Dr. Larry Chinitz: Clinical application of Dielectric Imaging for RF ablation

    Dr. Chinitz discusses how KODEX-EPD can address the current challenges in RF ablation.

    Bert van Meurs
    How a new way of visualizing the heart can help fight atrial fibrillation"

    Bert van Meurs

    Chief Business Leader Image Guided Therapy

    It’s a disease that can leave people fatigued and short of breath even after simple day-to-day activities, and puts them at increased risk of stroke. Atrial fibrillation, or AFib for short, is a heart rhythm disorder that affects an estimated 33.5 million people worldwide – a number that is expected to more than double in the next 30 years as populations age and people live longer. But despite impressive advances in medical technology, AFib is still difficult to treat effectively.

    Atrial fibrillation (AFib) in numbers

    Heart beat icon
    In AFib, the heart beats
    100-175 times a minute,
    compared to a normal range of 60-100
    Heart icon
    33.5 million people worldwide suffer from AFib9
    Brain icon
    People with AFib are nearly
    5 times more likely to suffer a stroke than people without AFib10
    Dollar icon
    AFib costs have been estimated at $6 billion a year in the US alone11

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    Philips acquires EPD Solutions

    See how the KODEX-EPD system work


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    ** The KODEX-EPD system is available for sale in a limited number of countries. Please check with your local representative for availability in your market