InnoSpire Compressor nebulizer system

InnoSpire Mini

Compressor nebulizer system

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InnoSpire Mini allows patients to nebulize their medications whenever they want and wherever they may be. Compact lightweight and reliable, it provides independence for people who want to get the most out of life.

Sidestream Plus breath-enhanced, reusable nebulizer

Provides fast, effective treatment

The SideStream Plus reusable nebulizer provides fast, effective treatment and can be used to effectively deliver most commonly prescribed aerosol medications. The Sidestream Plus breath-enhanced reusable nebulizer features an easy-action inspiratory valve that opens on inspiration to boost medication delivery and closes on exhalation, preserving medication and reducing waste. 1 Significantly less pressure is needed to open the inspiratory valve, making it ideal for weak breathers, such as pediatric and elderly patients.
Optional rechargeable lithium ion battery

Operates InnoSpire Mini for up to 90 minutes between charges

An optional rechargeable lithium ion battery operates the InnoSpire Mini compressor for up to 90 minutes between charges(and can be fully recharged in approximately 6 hours). A 12V DC (car) adapter enables the compressor to be powered in autos, trucks, boats and recreational vehicles. The compressor can also be powered by the traditional 11OV AC wall outlet. InnoSpire Mini is FAA approved for in-flight use and compliant with the international basic safety and essential performance standard IEC 60601-1 third edition and its amendments.
Compact and lightweight

Allows for easy transport

An ideal traveling companion, lnnoSpire Mini’s compact size allows for easy transport while a breath-enhanced reusable nebulizer makes it easy to use.
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Tehnički podaci

General system
General system
Nebulization rate
  • 0.2 ml/min
Nebulization capacity²
  • 8 ml
Mass Median Diameter (MMD)²
  • ~ 5.0 µm
Maximum pressure of compressor³
  • 30 PSI
Maximum liter flow of compressor ³
  • ~ 8 l/min
Average flow rate of compressor⁴
  • 3.4 l/min
Compressor Weight
  • 0.93 pounds (0.42 kilograms)
Battery Weight
  • 0.4 pounds (0.188 kilograms)
Compressor Size
  • 4.5” x 3.5” x 2.1”
Battery Size
  • 4.5” x 3.5” x 0.8”
Electrical requirements for Compressor
  • 12V DC, 1250 mA
Electrical requirements for Battery
  • 12V DC, 1700 mAh
Operating range
  • 41° to 104° F