Partnering to improve personalized cancer care through digital pathology at Saint-Joseph Hospital-Marie Lannelongue Hospital Paris in France

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Customer story


Digital pathology

Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital and Marie Lannelongue Hospital are associated institutions in one of France’s leading centers of excellence in cancer care. The hospitals have entered into a partnership with Philips to fully integrate digital pathology into their enterprise imaging workflow, allowing care teams access to comprehensive diagnostic information at the anatomical, cellular and molecular level. As a result, multidisciplinary tumor boards at the hospitals will be better able to guide personalized care pathway selection for cancer patients through integration across digital pathology and radiology workflows.

Customer story at a glance

  • The hospitals’ multidisciplinary tumor boards will be able to better guide personalized care pathway selection for cancer patients through integration across digital pathology and radiology workflows
  • Integrating diagnostics digital pathology data and imaging data helps support an integrated diagnosis, supporting clinical decision-making and improving patient care
  • Having virtual slides during multidisciplinary meetings increases pathologist involvement, optimizing the analysis performed and helping create a gold standard for oncology integrated diagnostics
  • The future full potential of digital pathology depends on computational pathology and using AI tools to continue to increase analytic precision and shorten turnaround time for oncology patients  

Saint Joseph Hospital and Marie Lannelongue Hospital

Video detailing the Philips digital pathology experience in a multi-site network that includes Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital and Marie Lannelongue Hospital.

Partnering for a digital pathology workflow to enhance collaboration capabilities and patient care across multiple sites

“Digital transformation has proven successful for pathologists, allowing easier organization and more efficient workflows, with new functionalities like measurements and multiple-slide alignment providing better collaboration across the care team and helping improve the path to diagnosis,” says Dr. Julien Adam, Head of the Pathology Department at Saint-Joseph Hospital. "Through this partnership with Philips, we aim to integrate all our imaging data into an integrated diagnosis to enhance clinical decision-making and improve patient care. From a clinical standpoint, the availability of virtual slides during multidisciplinary meetings increases the involvement of pathologists to help us organize and optimize the analysis from sample to patient care, and ultimately build a gold standard for integrated diagnostics in oncology.”

The hospital group’s digital pathology experience with Philips began in 2020, and the two hospital sites generate around 150,000 slides each year. Dr. Adam says, “Digital transformation was successful for pathologists, and now most of them prefer to work digitally. Many cases require a second opinion or an expert discussion. Digital pathology also facilitates education and training of pathologists. Digital pathology makes microscopic images much more accessible and creates new opportunities for partnerships by taking pathology to the digital age and increasing our collaboration with medical imaging.” 

“Our goal is to promote new ways of profiling diseases in order to assist clinicians and patients in personalized decision-making. We are of course at the beginning of this story, and identifying the most relevant modalities and applications is an important challenge.”

Dr. Julien Adam

Head of Pathology Department

Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital-Marie Lannelongue Hospital

The team sees the availability of virtual slides during multidisciplinary meetings as increasing the involvement of pathologists, which provides value for patient care through optimizing the analysis performed by pathologists.

The goal is to integrate all imaging data within the clinical context into an integrated diagnosis as a valuable approach to guide clinical decision-making and improve patient care. Dr. Marc Zins, Head of Radiology and Chief Medical Officer of the hospital group, says, “Regarding integrated diagnosis, what we foresee is the image of a puzzle. Each part of the puzzle represents one of the diagnoses that is made by pathology or radiology or biology, and by assembling this puzzle we are able to have a personalized approach to our patient’s disease. The main goal is finally to improve patient care.”

Régis Moreau, Managing Director of the hospital group, says, “Organizing all of this is not just a digitalization project, it’s about upgrading the technology, upgrading the process, making it more reliable, and then moving on to proposing it with Philips for other centers, and learning step by step. All innovation requires apprenticeships and an implementation period, and that’s what we are going to do with Philips.” 

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