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Phoenix Children’s Hospital finds efficiency and calm in pediatric imaging

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Ambient Experience and the Vereos Digital PET/CT help achieve exceptional images while reducing radiation dose 


Phoenix Children’s Hospital, a 465 bed pediatric hospital with 4 outpatient centers, conducts more than 96,000 imaging studies annually – including PET and Nuclear Medicine studies. 


Phoenix Children’s wanted to create a PET/CT environment that would help reduce the stress experienced by young patients and their families, reduce exam times and improve both patient and staff satisfaction. They believed installing Ambient Experience in their uptake rooms* and in the imaging room alongside a new the state-of-the-art Vereos Digital PET/CT would provide an unparalleled patient experience. 

Dianna Bardo
Our biggest challenge is being economical in both time and money, so getting the best image possible for each child, in an efficient fashion, is critical. Ambient Experience has helped us with that because the patient is more relaxed and more willing to lie still, so the exam is faster and we don’t have to do as many repeat images.”

Dr Dianna Bardo, MD, Vice Chair of Radiology and Clinical Development



Philips installed an Ambient Experience environment that addresses the complete oncology imaging continuum at Phoenix Children’s. Ambient Experience was installed in two of Phoenix Children’s uptake rooms and in the PET/CT room, to extend continuity from uptake to acquisition. 

uptake room

The uptake room 


Phoenix Children’s PET/CT room with Ambient Experience

We’ve gotten nothing but great feedback from the patients and their families about Ambient Experience. It’s been such a lovely environment for everyone to work in.”

Mary Boff, ARRT (NM)(CT) Lead Technologist, Molecular Imaging


Philips conducted a short study at Phoenix Children’s to measure the impact of Vereos PET/CT with Ambient Experience. Throughput improvements were realized. However more importantly, Phoenix Children’s was able to increase patient comfort, improve efficiency, enhance image quality, and achieve more confident diagnoses – all while reducing radiation dose and using less sedation for their pediatric patients.


*Please note, Philips has discontinued offering Ambient Experience solutions for Uptake Rooms. Contact your local Philips Ambient Experience representative for additional information. 


Meet our team

Werner Satter

Werner Satter

General Manager Experience Solutions

Werner and his team help hospitals and healthcare systems develop people-centric care solutions to help improve the quality of care delivery. His expertise spans the fields of research, design innovation, new business development, and marketing. Werner has previous experience as a strategic innovation consultant, conducting design innovation programs. He is an acclaimed speaker at healthcare conferences on the topics of healthcare design, people-centric environments, as well as enhancing the patient, family, and staff experience. Werner holds a master's of economics with a specialization in marketing, economic psychology, and sociology.

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